JUNO HAIR will always work with client with a mindset of the queen of the goddess, JUNO,
which is self-esteem and self-confidence.


Juno is the Roman name for an ancient Greek god,
Hera whom was the wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage.
Her name became the origin of the ‘June’ in English.
JUNO HAIR pursues to be trained and use the most advanced,
cutting-edge beauty technique and style to provides
the utmost quality service in the industry.

JUNO HAIR is unlike any other franchise beauty salon,
we directly manage all 140 branches across the nation with 2,500 workers
and are making history together.

In 2005, JUNO HAIR ranked second after Japanese brand ‘Arte Japan’
on the ‘Global top ten hair brand’ listed by Global hair brand ‘Wella’.
When we launched Avenue JUNO, luxury salon in Cheongdam-dong in 2006,
we received many compliments in size and facilities is comparable to high-end salons overseas.

In 2007, JUNO HAIR honored as the winner of gold trophy
at International Trend Vision Award (Barcelona, Spain),
and gaining fame as a representative brand of Korean beauty brand in the world.

Direct Management System
Enjoy the premium beauty service at any salon of ours

JUNO HAIR directly manages every salon to keep our utmost quality of beauty service.
You can experience outstanding services at any salon of ours.


Premium Hair Salon


Total Beauty Salon


Leader of Beauty Training Contents

Juno Academy was the first institution in Korea
to export its beauty training contents to overseas.
The number of overseas students came to JUNO Academy
to learn Korean beauty techniques has increased dramatically
since we launched the Cheongdam JUNO Academy in October, 2015.
We are trying our best to prove Korean beauty technique’s
excellence to the world.

Sept. 2016 Exported JUNO Academy to Malaysia
(Signed an agreement with Malaysia Kingswright Academy)
Competitiveness of JUNO

Standard of Hair&Beauty, JUNO Style

We focus on suggesting new styles and the trendiest images to our beloved clients.
With systematic guideline and premium JUNO style,
we ranked number one in Korea Brand Power Index in Hair&Beauty brand shop
for 3 consecutive years.

2016, Winner of Korea Brand Power Index
in the category of Hair&Beauty brand shop

2018, Winner of Korea Brand Power Index
in the category of Hair&Beauty brand shop (3 consecutive years)


Pursuit of Absolute Beauty with Professionalism

JUNO HAIR is one of the top 10 hair brand
listed by global cosmetic brand ‘Wella’.

Multiple award-winning brands, JUNO HAIR,
had produced the first Korean outright winner in world’s leading authority
on the beauty award ‘International Wella Trend Vision Award’,
and grown into the trustworthy brand.

  • 2002 Participated in Alternative Hairshow
    as of the first in Korean history (London, England)
  • 2007 International Trend Vision Award, Gold trophy (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 2009 Sebastian Black Bride, Ranking 1, 2, 3
  • 2007-2013 Winner of Trend Vision Award Korea
    for the seven consecutive year (Seoul, Korea)
03 Creativity of JUNO Leads the Trend

JUNO HAIR holds hair show twice a year (May, November) to suggests season trend.

Twenty-year-long JUNO hair show is the place to suggest the year’s S/S and F/W hair trend
and to introduce general trend in fashion and beauty.


JUNO MAN offers competitive royalty and unstinted training course to our staff.

With the principle of FUN management and proper reward system,

the average of turnover rate of employees is 10%, staff with more than 10 years of employment is
now reaching more than 250 people.


With the mind of treating guests like family,
we will take three steps closer to our client
to ensure the client’s comfort and satisfaction.

Fun and Friendly JUNO Service

JUNO HAIR does not offer manualized service,
but we keep in mind the ‘3 steps to clients’.

Fun and Friendly JUNO Service

JUNO HAIR does not offer manualized service, but we keep in mind the ‘3 steps to clients’.