JUNO HAIR will always work with client with the mindset of the queen of the goddess, JUNO,
which is self-esteem and self-confidence.

Premium Hair Salon JUNO HAIR

JUNO HAIR pursues premium beauty service.

Each JUNO HAIR salon has the reigns to customize the space with premium interior design and fill it with ingenuity.
This made the salon to become the center of the major community.
You may experience premium beauty service like no other at any salon of ours.


Premium Hair Salon


Total Beauty

Total Beauty Salon AVENUE JUNO
Avenue JUNO is a total beauty flagship salon opened at Cheongdam district in March, 2006.

You may experience tranquility and vibrancy, dignity and pleasure to us.
Enjoy your private space with the spirit of the goddess
and sensuous stories that are found everywhere.
Avenue JUNO is well known for the world class total beauty salon.
It is now renowned beauty salon icon in Korea.

HAIR ‘All of the beauty'

We will carry out the classic
and sophisticated look that suits the client’s style.
We discarded open hall style and delicately prepared exclusive space
to achieve personal beauty service for every client.

MAKE UP ‘Just a perfect day’

Make-up is a tool to find the most beautiful style in every woman.
The moment you walk in the door of Avenue JUNO’s JANUS Zone,
you will experience the change like the JANUS.

NAIL ‘Last touch for the beauty'

Nail Zone, the space to enjoy a treatment from hair, make-up
and nails at the same time.
Our team of nail specialists provides service from exquisite coloring
and various kinds of nail jewelry to comforting hand massages.

WEDDING ‘Joy of life’

Avenue JUNO wants to be there for the glorious moment of our clients.
We suggest wedding ceremony that brings the style in the bride,
chic and unique wedding dresses,
elegant and natural hair&make-up style.

Asia Training Hub JUNO ACADEMY

Asia Training Hub JUNO Academy

JUNO Academy is specialized beauty training center creating innovative,
progressive education for every stage of beauty industry worker’s career.
We not only provide basic education for salon intern of ours
but the advanced courses for professional stylists from around the world.

March 2015,JUNO HAIR was the first in Asia to be the Sassoon Academy School Connection membered school.

September 2015,Every intern joined from fall of 2015 received Sassoon method of education.
At Coloring stage focuses on ABC coloring, Beginner’s stage focuses on ABC barbering,
and Junior stage focuses on women’s ABC haircut.
After fulfilling two and half years of training in JUNO,
hairdresser will be given JUNO Academy diploma as well as Sassoon Academy School Connection diploma.

Cheongdam JUNO Academy Building

October 16th, 2015, Cheongdam JUNO Academy has opened
in the fanciest district in Seoul.
It is the specially designed training place for JUNO Academy to give a lecture
and give practical training.
It is nine stories high and can accommodate up to 200 people.

JUNO Academy-Busan

December 21st, 2016, JUNO Academy-Busan has opened
at Haeundae, Busan.
It is designated for JUNO HAIR staff in Gyeongnam district
to receive professional training.
With state-of-the-art devices and spacious rest area,
now is renowned beauty training institute in Gyeongnam district.