Romantic Salon with
Greek Goddess

You may experience tranquility and vibrancy, dignity and pleasure with us
Enjoy your private space with the spirit of the goddess
and sensuous stories that are found everywhere.


Avenue JUNO shows optimizing
service to make our customers happy.

Natural Space with Flowers and Trees
Calming environment with nature

Avenue JUNO welcomes you with greenery of bamboo.
You will see the flowers and trees decorated in the places.

Romantic Salon with Greek Goddess
Romantic Salons named after Greek goddess

Avenue JUNO is ateliers of space named after Greek goddess and reflected each of their symbols into the space.
Just like the goddess, you can find your unmanufactured or natural appearance. It is made for you to show who you truly are.

Optimizing Bespoke Service with Beauty Experts
Combination of specialists’ profession and exclusive beauty service

Every member of our elite beauty specialists such as hair stylists, makeup artist, nail artists, spa therapists, scalp therapists is trained for total beauty service to ensure clients’ satisfaction.


  • Hair

    We designed exclusive beauty rooms named Artemis, Psyche, Rhea, and Eros.
    At Science, Hestia room, the special client can enjoy shampooing and styling at one space.

    Artemis Zone
  • Make Up

    The make-up room is the space to give change in makeup style with the greatest care. Janus room, where the make-up room is, represents the change of style in our clients.We also offer exclusive wedding make-up for the beautiful bride.

    Janus Zone
  • Nail

    We prepared nail room for the client to experience the utmost quality of service from hair, make-up, and nails at one place. Client can also experience hand massage, coloring, and nail treatment.

    Nail Zone


  • AVENUEPackage

    Rehearsal (Photo shoot) + Wedding Ceremony

  • RHEAPackage

    Engagement Ceremony + Rehearsal (Photo shoot) + Wedding Ceremony

  • CLASSICPackage

    Engagement Ceremony + Wedding Gifts(the ‘ham’) + Rehearsal (Photo shoot) + Wedding Ceremony

  • PREMIUMPackage

    Engagement Ceremony + Wedding Gifts(the ‘ham’) + Rehearsal (Photo shoot) + Wedding Ceremony + After Party

  • Primary Consultation

    Online consultations are available, along with salon appointments with JUNO wedding specialists to professionally organize the wedding from start to finish.

  • Make-up Consultation

    Make-up artist will give thorough analyzation of your face shape and skin tone prior to a photo shoot and the wedding day. This is to discuss the pros and cons.

  • Hair Consultation

    After the check on the client’s hair condition and face shape, a stylist will give the perfect hairstyle suggestion.


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728, Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul





Open Time

Monday to Friday 10 AM – 7 PM


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