JUNO HAIR will always work with client with the mindset of the queen of the goddess, JUNO,
which is self-esteem and self-confidence.

Greetings from CEO

With the name of JUNO, first JUNO HAIR salon opened its doors 40 years ago.
We now are professional beauty salon successfully launched
more than 160 salons across countries.

JUNO HAIR is a team of beauty professionals devotedly focused on total beauty.

Every member of JUNO HAIR is passionate about beauty
and also understands how to love themselves.
This is how we find the beauty in the life for every client
and provide ultimate salon service experience.
Our dedication to training the staff is what makes JUNO unique.
We have JUNO Academy system to train every member of our team with the elite program
that ensures the clients’ comfort and satisfaction.

Cosmetology is a technique to represent beauty with hairdressing.
Beauty can generate the power of positive thoughts in a person.
We promise our client to be there for them on the way
to find the natural beauty inside and cherish it.

Philosophy on Management
We strive to become the beauty service salon
that focuses on the entire woman on her overall beauty image,
and shares happiness.

We are proud to be your hair stylist.
We hope you are also proud to be our customer.
We, the JUNO family, sell PRIDE.

- Let JUNO awaken your BEAUTY.
- Your Beauty will blossom with JUNO.

The passionate JUNO man
who creates beauty and
contributes to the success of JUNO

is our pride and
we share the success together in JUNO

We, the JUNO family,
strive to create the most Beautiful Life
share that Happiness
with our customers.

We value honesty, and JUNO value is the basic principle of our daily life.

  • Customer focus

    We understand the needs of clients and are dedicated to providing special service.

  • Fun

    It improves the efficiency of working and help us feel proud of what we do.

  • Trust

    We treasure the trust we got from clients by showing timeless honesty.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork We believe collaborative culture in JUNO can improve team capability.

  • Creativity

    We value the creativity and ingenuity of our specialists.

  • Professionalism

    Being the very best at what we do will ensure the client’s comfort and improve ourselves.

  • Passion

    We constantly challenging ourselves to provides the utmost quality in the industry.